• Image of rara avis - gold

Rara avis is Latin for 'rare bird' and the phrase is used to mean a rarity. The collection is inspired by the natural history of imaginary lands.

This colourful feather is made from silk dyed with plants, pleated and smocked. It is a dark orange-y gold colour with hints of red near the middle.

The pendant hangs on an adjustable chain that closes with a handmade hook clasp. The chain is decorated with a delicate 'cairn' of a vintage faceted black garnet and two nuggets of carnelian. All metal is antiqued sterling silver.

Size: the pendant is 5.5 cm (2 1/4 inches) long and 3 cm (1 1/4 inches) wide. The chain can be closed at 49 and 59 cm (19 and 23 inches).

As with all textiles, storing the necklace out of direct sunlight is recommended to keep it at its best.